* Price variations for our Disposable Surgical Masks

Price variations

* Price variations for our Reusable Polyester Masks

Price variations

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Reusable Masks vs Disposable Masks

  • Disposable masks may only be worn once as opposed to the reusable masks that can be worn for 24 hours, washed and worn again. The expected life span of a reusable mask is approximately 6 months, if taken good care of.
  • Each person would need at least one disposable mask per day. We recommend each person have two reusable masks, allowing them to have one in the wash and one they wear.
  • There is a major cost saving per person over a 6-month period, in using 2 x reusable masks @ R100 VAT excl each vs using approximately 126 disposable masks over 6 months @ R15 VAT excl each.


Quoting SA President Cyril Ramaphosa (23 April 2020): “As we begin the easing of lockdown restrictions from the beginning of May, we are calling on all South Africans to wear a face mask whenever you leave home.”

Pro Mask Plus

Pro Mask Plus is a Brand of The Agent ZA (Pty) Ltd. The Agent ZA (Pty) Ltd is VAT registered and authorised by CIPC as a Critical Business Continuity Service in the supply of Health and Medical supplies during the lockdown period. Our manufacturing factory has been operational for 11 years in Pretoria, South Africa.